The SMB challenge

Business 24-04-2018

We have just announced our latest competition, calling for skateboarders to submit their trick videos on the SMB Facebook page. The winner will receive a one of a kind, hand painted, skateboard deck.

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Sapporo Precision visits SMB Bearings

Business 11-09-2017

Japanese bearing manufacturer, Sapporo Precision, visited its official UK distributor of EZO bearings, SMB Bearings, to celebrate a 30 year partnership.

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The future of robotic exoskeletons

Bearings 23-08-2017

Technology portrayed in Iron Man, the Edge of Tomorrow, and Avatar all show humans with superhuman abilities because of robotic add-ons. Here, we explain the importance of choosing specialised bearings and lubrication in robotic exoskeletons as the development into this technology advances in real life.

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Bearings for those who aren't bulking up

Bearings 07-08-2017

If you are looking to buy or relubricate a small number of bearings, then you will no longer need to spend money on bearings you will never use. SMB Bearings, is now offering a small batch relubrication service.

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Choosing the right balls for your bearings

Bearings 24-07-2017

Some pro-cyclists have turned to precision hybrid ceramic bearings for their low rolling resistance to give them a race day advantage over those who opt for all-steel bearings. Here, we explain this choice and explores the differences between full ceramic and hybrid bearings.

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Bearing the load for longevity

Bearings 10-07-2017

We’ve all tried it – carrying all of our shopping bags from the weekly food shop into the house in one go, just to avoid an extra trip out to collect the rest. Here, we explain a different kind of load – and how a bearings ability to deal with it can help maximise bearing longevity.

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Plastic bearings make the grade

Bearings 03-07-2017

Bearings are available in a variety of materials, the most common being chrome steel and stainless steel. However, these materials are not always appropriate for applications across industries like the food and beverage or pharmaceutical sectors.

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Bringing the bearings to National Fishing Month

Bearings 28-06-2017

National Fishing Month has helped introduce nearly 300,000 people to the incredible sport of angling over the last 25 years. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of bearing relubrication expert, SMB Bearings, explains why the best anglers should be equipped with very best bearings for their reels.

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Manufacturing the future of robotics

Technology 23-06-2017

As UK robotics week (24 to 30, June 2017) begins, Chris Johnson, managing director of specialist bearings distributor, SMB Bearings, examines the state of the UK’s robotics industry.

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The top five challenges of relubricating bearings

Bearings 01-06-2017

When filling your bearings it's important to make good decisions to choose the perfect lubricant for the exact application. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings, explains the top five challenges of relubricating bearings.

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SMB Bearings support F1 in Schools national champions

Bearings 30-05-2017

SMB Bearings has supported F1 in Schools competitor Tiro Racing to achieve the prestigious title of national champions. A range of EZO bearings, supplied by SMB Bearings, was used throughout prototype and final construction stages in preparation for the regional and national finals competition.

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New ceramic bearings are harder than nails

Business 25-05-2017

SMB Bearings has launched its new range of non-magnetic, highly corrosion resistant ceramic bearings. This product launch will keep machinery moving smoothly in the harshest of environments.

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