Bearing supply chains

Bearings 09-10-2020

It has become a cliché to say that the coronavirus pandemic is posing an unprecedented challenge to global supply chains. Bearings are vital to the effective functioning of so many applications that supply chain management cannot be neglected for those who rely on them. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director at specialist bearings supplier SMB Bearings, explains how best to ensure your supply chain deliver the bearings you need.

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Do you know your ZZs from your 2RUs?

Bearings 15-09-2020

Knowing the suffix code for your preferred bearing closure may make you look like a bearing whizz. However, asking the right questions to ensure that you’ve selected the most suitable option for your specific application environment is the real smart move and will extend your bearing’s service life in the long run. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director at specialist bearing supplier, SMB Bearings, explains three questions you should ask when choosing between a bearing shield or seal.

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Ultrasound bearing inspection

Technology 01-09-2020

Pierre Langevin patented the first technological application of ultrasound during World War One by inventing a device to detect submarines. Like Langevin, maintenance engineers and plant managers can also use ultrasound for detection. Either by itself or as a companion technology, ultrasound can be an excellent part of condition monitoring for your bearings. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director at specialist bearings supplier SMB Bearings, provides an introduction into some of the benefits of this technology.

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Model maintenance

Bearings 13-08-2020

First-person view (FPV) drone racing is a competitive sport where participants pilot drones via a camera and a head-mounted live stream display. In such competitive races, winning can come down to the smallest of margins, so mechanical components must always perform optimally. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of miniature bearing specialist supplier SMB Bearings, advises on selecting and maintaining bearings for drones.

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Bearing obsolescence management

Bearings 06-07-2020

Pharmaceutical supply chains must be reliable and agile, now more than ever. That's why building links with specialist pharmaceutical bearing suppliers should be considered as part of a wider plant obsolescence management plan. To discuss bearing options for pharmaceutical applications further, get in touch with a reputable bearing supplier, such as SMB Bearings.

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Caring for rotational elements

Bearings 15-06-2020

Across the Western world, factories are restarting or stepping up their operations as lockdown measures are cautiously eased. Owners of machinery and their operatives will be eager to know what to look out for when restarting machinery after a temporary shutdown. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director at specialist bearings supplier, SMB Bearings, provides us with his tips for how to care for the bearings in your machinery as you look to get your factory running to capacity again.

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SMB Bearings sponsors GB rowing record attempt

Bearings 10-06-2020

Ceramic bearing specialist, SMB Bearings has partnered with ocean rowers, Gus Barton and Duncan Roy as they attempt to break the world record for the fastest unsupported row around Great Britain.

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Don’t blame it on the bearings

Bearings 20-05-2020

It's never nice to pick on the small guy, but unfortunately bearings are often used as a scapegoat when a machine fails. In this article Chris Johnson, managing director at SMB Bearings, explains the often misunderstood importance of matching the tolerance of the bearings to the tolerance of the shaft / housing.

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Bearing the heat?

Bearings 11-05-2020

Research has estimated that in approximately four out of every five cases of bearing failure, the fault lies with the lubrication and high temperature environments need special consideration. SMB Bearings explains the vital importance of high temperature bearing lubricant in industry.

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Retaining the edge

Bearings 20-04-2020

If a design engineer wanted to choose any four bearing components from a group of 20 design options, the possible number of combinations would be a whopping 4845. Suddenly, choice overload stunts any kind of decision-making process, when purchasing bearings. SMB Bearings, explains how to navigate the seemingly endless choices in the bearing design process.

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Bearing specialist strengthens supply chain operations

Business 06-04-2020

SMB Bearings has gained customs bonded warehousing authorisation. This HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) authorisation allows traders to store goods imported from outside the UK and EU, without payment of import duty or VAT, until the goods are re-exported to a non-EU country goods or are released into free circulation (subject to payment of duty and VAT).

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Do your bearings need a check-up?

Bearings 03-03-2020

Modern manufacturing relies heavily on bearings. They are used widely in almost every type of rotating equipment, and the global bearings market is expected to reach $186.1 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research. SMB Bearings, explains the crucial role smart bearings play in predictive maintenance.

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