Retaining the edge

Bearings 20-04-2020

If a design engineer wanted to choose any four bearing components from a group of 20 design options, the possible number of combinations would be a whopping 4845. Suddenly, choice overload stunts any kind of decision-making process, when purchasing bearings. SMB Bearings, explains how to navigate the seemingly endless choices in the bearing design process.

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Bearing specialist strengthens supply chain operations

Business 06-04-2020

SMB Bearings has gained customs bonded warehousing authorisation. This HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) authorisation allows traders to store goods imported from outside the UK and EU, without payment of import duty or VAT, until the goods are re-exported to a non-EU country goods or are released into free circulation (subject to payment of duty and VAT).

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Do your bearings need a check-up?

Bearings 03-03-2020

Modern manufacturing relies heavily on bearings. They are used widely in almost every type of rotating equipment, and the global bearings market is expected to reach $186.1 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research. SMB Bearings, explains the crucial role smart bearings play in predictive maintenance.

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Shh… It’s quiet time

Bearings 26-02-2020

The health and safety executive (HSE) estimates that 170,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise at work. SMB Bearings explains how small changes in the machine design process, can have a huge effect on workers’ eardrums.

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The bearing balancing act

Bearings 06-02-2020

SMB Bearings, explores the design options for ultra-low friction applications.

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Bearing specialist sponsors model car racer

Bearings 28-01-2020

Miniature bearings provide race day advantage for remote control (RC) car racing champion, Elias Johansson.

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Bearing specialist gains IPR status

Bearings 22-01-2020

Specialist bearing supplier, SMB Bearings has successfully gained Inward Process Relief (IPR) approval. Read more about SMB's latest news story here.

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Low volume orders for bespoke ceramic bearings

Bearings 07-01-2020

Engineers previously had to commit to large order volumes of custom-sized ceramic bearings to cover the bespoke manufacturing costs, but SMB Bearings has now opened up the market to smaller-scale projects.

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The fall of friction in bearings

Bearings 26-11-2019

Innovations in graphene and newly discovered materials have real potential as both solid and liquid lubricants for bearings, and once fully developed, could have positive impacts on many mechanical applications that could lead to tremendous energy savings.

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Using chrome bearings to reduce emissions

Bearings 04-11-2019

ABB Group has found, using IEA data, that 51 per cent of all motor failures are related to their bearings. The common causes for these failures include exceeding recommended load ratings, vibrations and overheating. Choosing the right bearing for a motor can not only reduce the change of failures; it can also bring down a business’s emissions and maintenance costs.

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Choosing the best skateboard bearings

Bearings 21-10-2019

While most skateboard bearings have a universal size and share the same parts, including rolling balls and retainers, there are plenty of variables that skateboarders must carefully consider, which includes bearing material, ABEC rating and lubrication.

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Pharmaceutical plant maintenance

Bearings 16-10-2019

Regulation is at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry — and these guidelines aren’t exclusively associated with research and development. Managing contamination is a huge concern for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and these sites are usually developed with an intense onus on safety.

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