Fishing reel bearings

Fishing reels have developed over the years to become lighter, stronger, smoother and more reliable. Bearings play a large part in this development.

Abec 7 bearings for fishing reelsBetter steel, closer tolerances, more effective lubricants and automated assembly mean that high precision fishing reel bearings are more affordable than ever. Most reels use ball bearings from one or two bearings to over ten in the spools, worm gears and handles of high-end reels.

EZO corrosion resistant miniature bearings and stainless steel thin-type precision bearings are supplied as original equipment to fishing reel manufacturers because of their consistency of quality. The high grade stainless steel and excellent smooth-running characteristics make them ideally suited for quality reels including Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, Adcock Stanton and JW Young.

EZO lubricate their open bearings with low viscosity Aeroshell instrument oil while their shielded bearings are lubricated with a low torque, hard-wearing lithium based grease for low rolling resistance. These bearings are suitable for all types of reel: spinning reels, baitcasting reels, spincast reels and centrepin reels.

Our stainless steel fishing reel bearings are available open or with stainless steel shields. The grease lubricated, shielded bearings can be supplied with only one shield, if required, for easier cleaning and relubrication.  

Our bearing processing facility allows us to offer fishing reel bearings with specialist lubricants such as salt water resistant or fully waterproof greases for more challenging environments.

For an in-depth look at the different types of fishing reel out there, see Sean Ward's article here.

Best fishing reel bearings | abec 7 bearings for fishing reels
Best fishing reel bearings | abec 7 bearings for fishing reels
Best fishing reel bearings | abec 7 bearings for fishing reels

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