Instrumentation bearings

SMB Bearings' miniature and instrument ball bearings are used extensively in many areas of control, instrumentation and metrology including laboratory instruments, flow instruments, rotary encoders, stepping motors, servo motors, weighing devices and disc drives.

SMB Bearings supplies instrumentation bearings for CCTV cameras

Where are instrument ball bearings used?

The stainless steel versions are widely used in outdoor meteorological instruments, marine navigation systems or medical instruments. Our miniature bearings relubricated with dampening greases can be used in potentiometers in dials and controls or in positioning devices for a more precise, quality feel.

Optical instruments such as cameras and microscopes often use precision, low friction thin section bearings. Cameras may use miniature bearings in gimbals or slide mechanisms while thin section bearings in focusing mechanisms or zoom lenses can be lubricated with dampening grease for more accurate positioning.

CCTV cameras use miniature or thin section bearings in positioning motors and mechanisms. Microscopes often use thin section bearings in focusing systems, nosepieces (turrets) and boom stands. Our instrument bearings are available to fit shaft sizes as small as 0.6mm or 0.04 inches. Higher tolerances and different internal clearances can be provided to suit your application.

Our bearing processing facility also allows us to provide fast delivery of bearings with special lubricants such as ultra low torque instrument oils or chemical resistant grease.

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Instrument bearings for laboratory equipment
SMB Bearings provides miniature bearings for optical equipment
Instrument bearings for disk drives

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