Skateboard and roller skate bearings

Sports science and technological design innovations have pushed human performance to new limits, and skating is no exception.

Ceramic bearings for skateboarding and roller skatingWhether you specialise in street, vert, speed skating or you’re partial to a roller disco, it’s essential that your skate bearings run freely, minimising drag for the optimum ride.

We offer custom designed bearings for skateboards, quad or inline roller skates and longboards. So, if you’re looking for the best budget skate bearings that don’t compromise on performance, look no further than SMB Bearings.

Steel vs ceramic

Skate bearings for skateboards or roller skates must contend with extreme conditions, so we’ve chosen our ball bearing materials carefully.

Our bearings are fabricated from chrome steel rings and a high-speed nylon cage with either high carbon chrome steel balls or ceramic balls.

All versions can contend with high loads and speeds. Ceramic skate bearings, commonly referred to as hybrid bearings have silicon nitride balls, which are lighter and harder so have less drag.

To increase your bearing’s lifespan, we’d suggest opting for our non-contact seal closures to protect your skate bearing from contaminants such as dirt particles. This design provides adequate protection, while minimising the drag caused by normal seals.

Download our essential guide to shields and seals to discover more about the different closure types available.

Our skateboard and roller skate bearings are electric motor quality (EMQ) grade and P5 low noise rated. This means that they have superior roundness and smooth raceways to ensure a lower torque bearing that runs efficiently.

Abec rating

Abec tolerances are measured in inches and encompass five classes. They control the dimensions that meet the standards of precision bearings. Our bearings are Abec 5 rated, meaning that the inner diameter must measure between 7.995 and 8.0mm.


We carefully choose the grease fill in our skate bearings to ensure an excellent level of lubrication with minimal drag. We supply high speed, low torque grease from specialty lubricant experts Kluber.

How to clean skate bearings

While we offer relubrication services in-house, we also understand that it may be more practical for you to conduct skateboard or roller skate bearing maintenance at home. Visit our dedicated skate bearing product page for helpful advice including how-to guides for bearing cleaning, re-greasing, checking for wear, seal removal and replacement.

If you would like more help on the different types of skate bearings available, you would like a bespoke design, or to make a purchase contact the SMB Bearings team. We have years of experience supplying small and miniature bearings to a range of industries. Call our experts today on +44 (0) 1993 842 555 or e-mail

Roller skate bearings | ceramic skate bearings | 8mm bearing
Roller skate bearings | ceramic skate bearings | 8mm bearing
Roller skate bearings | ceramic skate bearings | 8mm bearing

Our determination to remain specialised gives us a high level of product knowledge, providing bearing and lubrication solutions to existing or potential customers, whether individuals or large corporations. We don’t just sell bearings, we help to solve your problems. - Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings.