Ceramic bearing guide | ceramic materials | hybrid or ceramic bearingsCeramic bearings: Your essential guide to ceramic bearings.

Ceramic bearings are often overshadowed by their steel bearing  counterparts. However, there are plenty of applications where ceramic should be the material of choice. Consider medical and semiconductor equipment as an example, where non-magnetic and non-conductive bearings are required.

Inside this free downloadable guide, we have collated the extensive knowledge of the SMB Bearings technical team. We have been supplying small and miniature bearings to the industry for several years, concentrating on a range of different bearing types, including full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings.

Within this guide, you will find complete definitions of each ceramic material commonly used in bearings and we answer the most commonly asked questions related to ceramic bearings and their potential applications.

Ceramic bearings guide FAQs:

What are the advantages of ceramic bearings?
Can you lubricate ceramic bearings?
The differences between full ceramic and hybrid bearings?
Can full ceramic bearings rust?
Can full ceramic bearings shatter?
Can ceramic bearings run dry?
How long do ceramic bearings last?


Ceramic materials: Which is best? 

The guide also explains the differences between the most common ceramic bearing materials — that’s Zirconia (CCZR), Silicon Nitride (CCSI) and Silicon Carbide (CCSC). While some boast excellent corrosion resistance, others are more suited to high speeds.

Download the guide here, to determine which ceramic material is right for you.

Hybrid or ceramic bearings?
We’ve also dispelled some common myths about ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings. Despite common misconceptions, not all ceramic bearings are completely made of ceramic materials. When most people think of ceramic bearings, they are referring to hybrid bearings.

Hybrid bearings use ceramic balls, paired with metal inner and outer rings. There are advantages to both hybrid and full ceramic ball bearings, but it’s best to speak to an expert if you’re unsure whether hybrid or ceramic bearings are right for you.

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