The lifespan of a bearing doesn’t necessarily relate to its material, but rather whether it is the correct type of bearing for the application. Cheap bearings won’t last as long compared to higher quality versions. More importantly, a bearing certainly won’t last long if it is not suitable for the application at hand. In aggressive environments, full ceramic bearings will last significantly longer than steel bearings but how long can depend on the chemicals in contact with the bearings, the temperature, the presence of contamination and the speed and load.

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By keeping our product range specialised and clearly defined, we know our products well allowing us to give you a better service with excellent technical back-up. SMB Bearings originally specialised in miniature bearingsthin-section bearings and stainless steel bearings. By natural progression, we expanded the range to include other corrosion resistant bearings such as plastic bearings316 stainless bearings and ceramic bearings.

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