Bringing the bearings to National Fishing Month

Bearings 28-06-2017

National Fishing Month has helped introduce nearly 300,000 people to the incredible sport of angling over the last 25 years. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of bearing relubrication expert, SMB Bearings, explains more about the momentous month, and why the best anglers will be making sure they arrive to the associated events with the very best bearings in their reels.

National Fishing Month (NFM) runs between July 21 and September 3, explaining why there is so much talk about fishing around this time, and both novices and veterans are welcome to join over 60 fishing events around the country. As NFM celebrates its silver jubilee anniversary, it is a significant milestone to ensure reels are serviced correctly and contain reliable components.

Fishing reels have advanced over the years to become lighter, stronger and smoother, and bearings have played a large part in this development. Most reels contain ball bearings of some kind, whether they are in the spools, worm gears or handles of the reel. Bearings with higher steel grade, closer tolerances and high-spec lubricants can give anglers the advantage.
Reel manufacturers or repairers often choose EZO corrosion resistant miniature bearings or stainless steel thin-type precision bearings because of their consistent quality. Their smooth-running, low friction characteristics make them ideally suited for spinning, baitcasting, spincast or centrepin reels. For long-term reliability, anglers should make sure their bearings have the same high production standards. 

The lubricants in the EZO bearings have been specifically chosen for fishing. Open bearings are filled with low viscosity oil, whereas shielded bearings are lubricated with a low torque, hard-wearing grease. Both types of grease provide low rolling resistance. If anglers are taking on more extreme environments, the experts at SMB Bearings can swap out this lubricant for salt water resistant or fully waterproof greases.

One of our customers, Ron Whittington of Unit 5 Reel Service and Repair in Devon, has been repairing reels used on charter boats, commercial anglers and pleasure anglers for 40 years. He chooses the EZO stainless steel thin-type precision bearings for his customers. He often calls us from his workshop, usually with a reel in pieces, asking for advice on the bearings and lubricant.

"I have repeatedly chosen EZO bearings as they've never let me down over the years," said Whittington. "None of my customers have ever complained about them, which means they are happy, and they often send me photos of their most recent catch of the day.

"I see many reels that have broken due to bearing failure, which is something that could have been prevented if the owner had upgraded the bearings sooner. When I do swap out the standard bearings to an EZO bearing, I know I won't be seeing that reel for a very long time, at least not for bearing related reasons."

Whether you are joining one of the many National Fishing Month events around the country or are sat in a reel repair workshop, it makes good fishing sense to equip reels with bearings that won't let you down. With over 300,000 joining in with the festivities, you can stand out with the smoothest, best maintained reel.

Our determination to remain specialised gives us a high level of product knowledge, providing bearing and lubrication solutions to existing or potential customers, whether individuals or large corporations. We don’t just sell bearings, we help to solve your problems. - Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings.