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Choosing the right bicycle bearings is an important decision for both competitive and hobbyist cyclists. This guide has been written as a useful information resource for every type of bicycle enthusiast.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with regards to bicycle bearing advice, often resulting in polarising debates on which bearings are best. Some question if hybrid ceramic ball bearings are worth the cost, vouching for the performance of good-quality steel hub bearings, while others are firm hybrid bearing supporters.

But what is a ‘hybrid bearing’ and how it is different to a ‘ceramic ball bearing’? This guide addresses the often-confusing terminology used in bike bearing descriptions to help you to make an informed decision on which type of bearing is best. 

Bike bearings: The essential guide

Inside this free downloadable guide, we weigh up whether hybrid ceramic bearings are a worthwhile purchase, or whether steel bicycle bearings would offer a more financially-sound investment.

Of course, bearings also need lubrication and we’ve debunked some common misconceptions about oil and grease for bicycle bearings. For instance, while hybrid bearings can be run dry in some applications, we would not recommend doing so for outdoor bicycle use.

In this guide, we explain the different lubrication options for bike bearing applications and how to clean and grease bike bearings correctly. These are fundamental aspects of maintaining your bike, to ensure bearings are kept in optimal condition.


Hybrid bicycle bearings: Are they all the same?

The guide also explains the crucial differential between good quality hybrid ceramic bearings and cheap hybrid bearings. They are not manufactured to the same quality standards, and therefore one provides an advantage and the other does not. If quality bearings are what you want, steer clear of cheap hybrid bearings. We explain why in this guide.

Download the bike bearing guide here, to determine which bike bearing is right for you.


Frequently asked questions

In this guide, we also answer the common questions about bike bearings, with reference to steel cartridge bearings and hybrid ceramic ball bearings.

Click here to download your essential guide to bike bearings to find out the answers to these questions.

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