Bearing specialist sponsors model car racer

Bearings 28-01-2020

Specialist miniature bearing supplier, SMB Bearings has sponsored remote control (RC) car racing champion, Elias Johansson, providing specialist chrome steel miniature bearings to the Swedish RC driver. Chosen for their low friction and supreme roundness, the ongoing bearing supply will ensure Elias has a competitive edge in every race.

Bearings are an important consideration for RC drivers such as Elias, as high levels of friction can seriously impede performance. A number of factors affect ball bearing speed such as bearing material, closures and lubricant type, so SMB Bearings carefully considered these variables before suggesting EZO chrome steel miniature bearings as the ideal option.

“Racing at the top level is all about performance and durability and every hundredth of a second counts,” explained Elias Johansson. “Whether a car is electrical, or nitro powered, a free spinning car is always an advantage — I’m always striving for the best possible efficiency.

“Countless hours are dedicated to testing the cars to ensure the best possible handling. From the suspension, to the aerodynamics, nothing is left to chance. Partnering with SMB Bearings is a great opportunity to work with a company that has a broad knowledge of bearings and are educating customers about how to get the best out of the product.”

“To give Johansson an added edge, we supplied the EZO chrome steel miniature bearings which are extremely free running and can achieve high revolutions per minute (rpm),” explained Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings. “These bearings have a smooth surface finish and are machined to a high tolerance. Most RC cars are fitted with standard lower grade bearings that fail after just a short period of race action.”

This considered design approach is already proving successful. With the winning title at the Swedish Indoor Championship in 1/10 buggy, and at the European B Junior Championship for 1/8 buggy, 2019 was a fantastic year for the racer. Johannson will be next competing in Daun, Germany between 31 Jan and 2 Feb.

SMB Bearings is a specialist in providing miniature bearings for drones, model cars and other model engineering applications. For further information about SMB Bearing’s range of miniature bearings, contact an SMB Bearing expert by emailing

Our determination to remain specialised gives us a high level of product knowledge, providing bearing and lubrication solutions to existing or potential customers, whether individuals or large corporations. We don’t just sell bearings, we help to solve your problems. - Chris Johnson, managing director of SMB Bearings.