Bearings for automotive engineering 

The automotive industry is in a period of flux. Transport accounts for around one fifth of global carbon emissions. As a result, governments around the world are driving car manufacturers towards more sustainable forms of power, in order to meet environmental targets.​

Automotive bearings | stainless steel bearings | automotive engineering

As the transition to electric vehicles continues, it will have a significant impact on the automotive components industry, as many parts and systems in an internal combustion vehicle simply don’t exist in electric vehicles. For example, cars that are powered by internal combustion involve many more moving parts, like alternators or gear boxes — most of which rely on bearings of some form to function smoothly.

As the major vehicle manufacturers transition away from internal combustion engines to battery-powered electric vehicles, the race is on to build lighter, more efficient cars to maximise vehicle range per charge. In fact, we’re seeing increasing demand for lighter, smaller bearings for use in electric motors bearings are a key factor of the efficiency of an EV’s drive train, meaning that a better choice of bearings could make cars travel further on the same charge.

Bearings remain a small but mighty component in all vehicle types. They’re an essential part of steering columns, motor shafts, wheels, wipers and electric mirrors, windows and seats.

Stainless steel bearings for automotive engineering

Automotive bearings, are exposed to some of the harshest conditions, expected to withstand heavy loads and work for long periods without failure. We offer a wide range of stainless steel bearings for all kinds of automotive applications.

One such example, is the butterfly, or throttle, valve, where bearings are essential for the valve to let in the correct amount of air. For this application, it is necessary to find a bearing that can cope with extremely hot temperatures, rapid throttle movements and high levels of vibration.

To meet these challenges, select a specialist, high quality stainless steel bearing. Our 440 grade stainless steel bearings are suitable for temperatures as high as 300°C while 316 stainless steel can cope with even higher temperatures. Plus, 440 stainless steel bearings offer excellent load and speed ratings.

Bearings enable smooth, fluid motion, whether the car owner is turning the steering wheel, adjusting the wing mirrors, or closing the car boot. Quality bearings, ideally sized for the application and able to withstand high stress and load have a great impact on the way the customer experiences the car. Therefore, it’s essential to choose automotive bearings carefully.

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Quality automotive bearings

Automotive bearings undergo a great deal of stress, wear and tear, depending on the application. As a result, it’s essential to select high quality bearings that offer the best performance and longest component life.

As authorized UK distributors of EZO brand miniature bearings, thin section bearings and stainless steel bearings, we can offer automotive bearings with TS16949. ISO/TS16949 is an internationally recognised quality management standard written for the automotive industry.

As well as selecting your automotive bearings carefully, you must also consider lubricant. At SMB Bearings, we’re experts in advising customers on the best lubricant for their application, which can have a dramatic effect on bearing performance. For example, automotive bearings for slow moving parts or controls such as steering column bearings can be supplied with specialist dampening lubricants to reduce vibration and provide smoother operation

Selecting automotive bearings

When choosing bearings for automotive engineering, there is a lot to consider. Not just the specifications of size and material, but the choice of lubricant and even whether you’ve found a reliable supplier who can deliver the quantity of bearings you need, when you need it.

At SMB Bearings, we offer expertise in bearings and lubricants, having supplied manufacturers around the world. We maintain comprehensive stock levels across our entire range, as well as offering a high level of technical support.

If you’re in the market for automotive bearings, why not talk to one of our bearing specialists? You can get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1993 842 555, or email​.

Automotive bearings | stainless steel bearings | automotive engineering
Automotive bearings | stainless steel bearings | automotive engineering
Automotive bearings | stainless steel bearings | automotive engineering

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