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Most of our bearings are available with metal shields. Shields are designed to prevent larger particles from entering the bearing and also to keep grease inside the bearing. They may be pressed into the bearing’s outer ring (non-removable) or retained by a circlip (removable). As the shields make no contact with the inner ring, they do not increase starting or running torque. Shields on stainless steel bearings are generally made from AISI 304 grade stainless steel.

Shields (ZZ)

Contact Seals (2RS)

The standard bearing seal consists of nitrile/BUNA-N rubber bonded to a metal washer. The washer is made of SPCC cold rolled steel for chrome steel bearings or 304 stainless steel for stainless steel bearings. High temperature PTFE seals (up to 250°C) or Viton seals (up to 230°C) are available on some sizes. The inner lip of the seal rubs against the bearing inner ring to provide an effective seal against smaller particles such as dust and moisture while preventing lubricant leakage. Contact seals produce much higher frictional torque levels than shields and reduce the maximum speed of a bearing. Below -40°C nitrile rubber and viton will stiffen and provide a less effective seal so PTFE seals or metal shields should be considered for very low temperatures.

Non-Contact Seals (2RU)

These seals are also made of nitrile rubber bonded to a metal washer but do not rub against the bearing inner ring and therefore do not have the same effect on bearing torque and maximum speed as contact seals so can be used for low torque, high speed applications. They offer superior protection over metal shields but do not provide as effective a seal as the contact type.

• Good protection against contamination
• Greatly reduce lubricant leakage
• Reduce maximum speed by approx. 40%
• Greatly increase bearing torque

Temp. range –40°C/+110°C for nitrile rubber

Temp. range –50°C/+110°C for PE

Temp. range –40°C/+230°C for Viton

Temp. range –70°C/+250°C for PEEK

Temp. range –190°C/+250°C for PTFE

• Good protection against contamination
• Reduced lubricant leakage
• No torque increase
• Do not affect maximum speed

• Temp. range –40°C/+110°C for nitrile rubber

Temp. range –50°C/+110°C for PE

Temp. range –70°C/+250°C for PEEK

Temp. range –190°C/+250°C for PTFE

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bearing non-contact rubber seals bearing contact rubber seals

• Prevent contamination by larger particles

• Reduce lubricant leakage

• Do not increase torque

• Wide temperature range, especially stainless steel

bearing circlip shields bearing pressed shields

Bearing Shields and Seals