The SMB Bearings range is highly specialised and concentrates on micro bearings and miniature bearings in both metric and inch equivalent sizes. We also carry stainless steel bearings and plastic bearings that are specially designed for corrosive environments, thin section bearings for use in applications where space is at a premium, and electric motor bearings to suit low-noise or low vibration requirements. Manufacturers and designers the world over have been using our bearings in everything from food processing plant to radio control models, marine equipment to instrumentation and pharmaceutical equipment to vacuum applications. As one of the world’s leading specialists in miniature bearings, SMB Bearings has dedicated itself to maintaining an extensive inventory.  

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Miniature Bearings

0.04 - 1.0” bore

Extended Inner Miniature Bearings

0.0469 - 0.3125” bore

Plastic Bearings

0.125 - 1.0” bore

Taper O.D. Bearings

0.125 - 0.3125” bore

Miniature Bearings

0.6mm - 9 mm bore

Thrust Bearings
3mm - 10mm bore

Plastic Bearings

3mm - 30mm bore

Popular Bearings

10mm - 50mm bore

Thin-Section Bearings

10mm - 80mm bore

Skate Bearings

8mm bore

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