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We can advise you on best choice of bearing lubricant for problem applications. If you are involved in testing or R&D, our in-house ultrasonic bearing degreasing and bearing relubrication facility enables us to supply bearing samples at short notice. If you are experiencing lubrication related problems or you want to know more about our relubrication capabilities, please ask.

We keep a wide stock of oils and greases. We have no minimum quantity so if you require one bearing or several hundred bearings with a lubricant of your choice, talk to us!

Our bearing lubrication services

Bearing lubrication and bearing relubrication are specialist services. We clean and relubricate SMB bearings or customer supplied bearings. We have many years’ experience in bearing degreasing and relubrication of bearings including stainless steel, chrome steel, and hybrid bearings with customer specified lubricants. Our customers regularly require bearings with specialised lubricants designed to handle everything from food safe applications to low torque conditions. We relubricate with:

cleanroom lubricants

dampening greases
dry lubricants
food safe greases
high temperature lubricants
low temperature lubricants
low torque lubricants
molybdenum disulphide coating
perfluorinated lubricants
radiation-resistant lubricants
vacuum lubricants
waterproof greases

We can control the bearing lubrication to within a few milligrams so if you require a low, normal or high grease fill or even a specific grease weight, we can handle it.

We have been relubricating bearings for over 25 years so our experience with different kinds of bearing is comprehensive. We regularly process different types of roller bearing, plain spherical bearings, large ball bearings, miniature bearings and thin section bearings from customers worldwide.

We have also developed a system to grease lubricate ball bearings without removing the shields so open, shielded and rubber sealed bearings are all reworkable.

SMB bearing relubrication facility Ball bearing being relubricated Bearings awaiting relubrication

Manufacturers are rarely interested in small volumes of bearings with special bearing lubricants or non-standard bearing lubricants but we have the facilities to help you. We have a range of bearing degreasing methods to clean bearing surfaces before using proprietary lubrication equipment to apply your choice of oil, grease, dry lubricant or return the bearing with no lubricant at all.

Whether you need to relubricate a high precision instrument bearing or change the grease type in a deep groove ball bearing with non-removable shields, we have the equipment and the expertise to do it.


Bearing Relubrication

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