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Our miniature bearings are widely used in all kinds of drones and radio control helicopters, model cars, radio control boats, model trains and many other model engineering applications.

Due to their inherent low noise and vibration characteristics, we stock a large range of precision EZO bearings for drones, RC helicopters and model motors or model engines. The quality of drone bearings and RC helicopter bearings is critical as the cost of sudden bearing failure can be very high. We would recommend that only bearings from a reputable manufacturer are used and checked regularly for wear. EZO shielded bearings are manufactured by Sapporo Precision and are lubricated for life with a low noise, low torque grease. Further “maintenance” lubrication with oil is not recommended for shielded bearings as this can lower the grease viscosity making it less effective. EZO bearings are recommended for drones and model helicopters in locations such as main shafts, rotors, tail drives, swash plates, blade holders and control linkages. For more information on drones, take a look at Flight, Camera, Action and for RC helicopters, see Rotorworld magazine or talk to your local model shop.

For radio control model cars, we stock bearings to fit the smaller slot cars or scalextric cars right up to 1/5th scale off-road fuel powered cars. Our range of miniature bearings can be used in wheels, gearboxes, differentials, servos, engines and electric motors. The most common types are chrome steel metal shielded bearings due to the longer life ratings of the harder steel but these are also available in stainless steel where risk of corrosion is a factor. Many miniature bearings can be supplied with rubber seals for dusty environments although contact seals do increase drag.

For radio control boats, we stock stainless steel miniature bearings for propeller shafts or motors and our small flanged bearings are often used as wheel bearings on model trains. We supply bearings for a wide variety of model engineering applications.

Bearings for Drones, RC Helicopters, RC cars, Model Railways and other Model Engineering Applications

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